Tuesday, 11 June 2013

One breath at a time...

Breath in all of the world's hate.
Breath out love.
Breath in promises that were broken.
Breath out friends that will always be there for you.
Breath in a broken-heart.
Breath out sunshine and a new road.

Breath in a stressed mind.
Breath out mint bubble gum.
Breath in air pollutions.
Breath out a green rainforest.
Breath in a broken toy.
Breath out a soft pink pillow.
Breath in a hateful word.
Breath out a rainbow up in the sky.
Breath in a dark grey cloud.
Breath out a clear blue sky.

Breath in a painful bruise.
Breath out a wound that always heals.
Breath in the scars in your heart.
Breath out the stitches that mends.
Breath in the past.
Breath out a new path.


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