Thursday, 9 May 2013

Whatever you do, don't make sense - Sweet Life (Poem that doesn't make sense)

Sweet Life
The puppies of sadness is like a marshmallow being eaten.
The swirl of loneliness  sounds like a M&M's flushing down toilets.
The shape of the past fits inside your nose like a squirrel holding chocolate covered pencils.
The antonym of pink is black with white potatoes that tastes like jelly beans.

At the center of boredom is a little elf making lollipops.

If you turn hope on            you'll see a leprechaun dancing with a necklace made out of sugar coated notebooks.
When I throw sadness to the wind, it returns as gummy worms.
If you jump into the past, you'll land on the future and tomorrow of candy unicorns.
When I tiptoe through the valley of happiness, you might find a chocolate hill with cherry soda lakes and rainbow buttons.
The rock bottom of October will never find its glasses because Steve Jobs ate its apple.

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