Friday, 24 May 2013

Random Acts of Kindness #5

20/05/13 - I helped my sister pack for her trip. I aslo lent her one of my raincoats. I also smiled and greet people aroud school. Like usual.

21/05/13 - My sister left for her Bintan trip early in the morning. I said bye to her since I won't see her for 3 days. 

22/05/13 - I did my usual greetings. I sent Bronwyn a get well message since she wasn't at school. 

23/05/13 - I don't think I did much on this day. My sister arrived from Bintan. During dinner, she told us what she did. She looked like she enjoyed it.

24/05/13 - I got invited to a day out to West Coast Park by Megan's mum along with Tianna, Laurence, Paarvv, Matthew and Bronwyn. We went go-karting. We said hello to random people jogging and cycling. Everyone smiled back. :)

I know I didn't do much this week.
The little thing I noticed in Stargirl for this week's chapters, she has 20 pebbles in her happy wagon in total. 17 were in the wagon and 3 were on the shelf. She adds 1 pebble when she feels happy, takes away 1 when she feels sad. :D 

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  1. This is a little disappointing Trisha. You need to develop your writing and start using more detail and a variety of sentences to add interest. To show your thinking, I also want you to develop your ideas - you mention the pebbles - talk about this in more detail. Explore what it means in terms of our unit, your acts of kindess - how many pebbles would you have etc. and why. You need to be writing a lot more and thinking a lot more deeply please.