Sunday, 14 April 2013

Random Acts of Kindness #1 (08/04/13-14/04/13)

It was kind of hard for me to do this project. I'm actually really shy in front of strangers. But, I was able to overcome this. I think it will be easier for me to this the project now.

08/04 - 12/04 : The nicest I've done this week was just smiling at people around school. Saying "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon" to them. I thought that I should just start off small.

14/04 - It's Dad's birthday. He kept on insisting to just forget about celebrating it since he said that he's getting old. I bought him a small present the day before. He seemed really happy about. I was also really happy. I greeted him "Happy Birthday" this morning.

I think this project will really help me get my confidence up.


  1. I hope it does help you Trisha - you don't have to do anything face to face - though I think saying good morning and smiling to everyone is a great way to spread soem kindness.

    I would like you to develop one of the things you do and explore it in more detail, thinking about the effect on you and others and what if everyone was kind all the time.

  2. Go trish! (I was there when you got the present for your dad) heehee :)

  3. That's awesome Trisha! :D I'm sure it will build your confidence level!!

  4. Awesome Trish ! Epic that you overcame your shyness good on you!