Saturday, 27 April 2013

Random Acts of kindness #3 (22/04/13 - 27/04/13)

22/04/13 - 24/04/13 : I just started off the week again by greeting people and smiling at them.

25/04/13 - I completed the challenge by talking to someone I've never spoken to before. I've spoken to some people in Yea 10 and some people form Year 12.

26/04/13 - I helped out in the gym by keeping track of the score during a volleyball match between the under 19 team and the teachers. The students were amazing. But the teachers won.

27/04/13 - We went to West Coast park for a family barbecue hosted by the Year 6 parents. And on the way there, we saw a little kid that needed help. It seemed like his go-kart was stuck in the mud. So, my dad and I decided to help him.

I'm hoping to do more next week. :)

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  1. I would like you to work on developing your writing to include more detail - what did you talk about with the people you got to know?

    I would also like you to create more interest by choosing more interesting vocabulary.