Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling is presenting/telling stories through pictures. Our sense to "see" is the strongest sense we have. We "see" things faster with vision. Colour, texture, perspective and composition are some of the main points of a picture. So, if we're presenting something there should be more visuals rather than text. IT would make it more effective.

I've read that people remember pictures better than words. If we have more pictures in our presentation, more people are likely to remember it. This helps us close the gap between effective visual story telling to in-effective visual story telling.

With this, we should always remember to use more visuals and less text when making a presentation.

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  1. Great post; well organised and clear showing some understanding of the topic. Try linking it to what we are doing more directly to show you have thought deeply about how this can help you.

    Don't forget to tag your post and cite the sources of your images.