Friday, 29 March 2013

The Octopus's Garden Report

RESEARCH QUESTION: What is a 21st century classroom?

Classrooms have not changed for 100 years. The classrooms our grandparents used looked very similar to the way ours look now - but the way we teach and learn is very different. The Octopus Garden Project is a project about redesigning a classroom to make a better learning environment. Both Grade 7 and 8 worked together on this project. It was challenging since we only had break, lunch and sometimes tutor time to meet up. But technology helped us out. We used Edmodo, blogger, twitter, email etc to communicate with each other.

The whole group was divided into teams who researched and became experts in different areas; walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and ‘other stuff’. We found information using different types of media. Like the internet, books etc. But the internet was our primary source. We also used our common knowledge.

Our research was collected by using different types of media: Murally, Google Drive and Mail. We had a google jockey to take down notes of what we did during the lesson.

We would decide on the best pieces of research based on our idea of a 21st century classroom (E..g improve learning space, better lighting)

According to   the main ideas about furniture is that you can use it in many ways. You can lie it flat, turn it into a mattress or even a recliner.
In conclusion the “doobsta” (bean bag) would be great for a 21st century classroom because it’s comfortable and a learner would be able to concentrate more in class when he/she is more comfortable.

Another idea is the main ideas about furniture is that you can rest your tablet (iPad) on it, use it a pillow or even provide back support when sitted upright.
Therefore the “dooblet” would suits a 21st century classroom because it can be used many ways. Especially for our laptops. It can be a substitute for lap protectors.

A third idea is  the main ideas about other stuff is that it is an exceptional extension cable.
In conclusion, it would be very useful which is relevant for a 21st century classroom because everybody’s charger would not fit in one plug in socket.

A fourth source  the main ideas about floors (carpet) that is flexible and it lies flat on the ground or folds up against the wall.
In conclusion, this carpet would work in a 21st century classroom because it is great for students who likes to sit/lie on the floor to do their work.

Yet another idea is the main ideas about other stuff (audio) is that we use lots of videos and presentation and sound is very important. It has a surround sound system which would be great for class.
In conclusion, the acoustimass speaker system would be great in a 21st century classroom because the current speakers in the classrooms are old and hard to control.


The research for The Octopus’s Garden Project suggests that a 21st century classroom needs to have
- a comfortable, flexible learning space
- access to modern technology, but still have the good old pen and paper.

Nexus International School learners would benefit from changing the classroom to include some or all of these items because it would make doing work a lot more fun, comfortable and flexible.



  1. Great job Trish, you just have to fix up a few mistakes here and there but other than that you covered everything and did a great job! :)

  2. Your post was very neat! It was easy to understand and read. You had a few mistakes but besides that it was good! :D

  3. Very well presented and clear - good use of the format of a report to make it easy to read.

    You need to make sure that you put the title of the website with a link at the bottom rather than having the URL in the actual essay.

    Take care with capital letters for proper nouns, e.g. the names of things such as Twitter, Internet etc.

    You would improve your report writing more by analysing and writing in more detail about how each would help learning to show your thinking in more depth.