Sunday, 3 March 2013

Beginning of Phase 3 - Octopus's Garden

In this phase I am the Quality Checker for my group, The Atomic Sharks.
In the beginning of the phase, we planned what our final presentation would look like to show Dr. Martin and Mr. Wade. The we created a google presentation that everybody can edit and add slides to. We also made a google document for our script. We will be doing voice overs for our presentation. Everybody is responsible for 1 or more slides.

The Quality checker is responsible for checking if the quality of the slide/presentation is good. The quality checker makes sure that the pictures, videos in the presentation is good. They also make sure that the font used it right.
The slides I am responsible for are the slides for the touch lamp and the classroom blinds.
We learnt about persuasive language. They came in really useful for our final presentation.
We need to ensure that our presentation meets the audiences requirements. While making the presentation we made sure we thought of the audience more.

What I find most challenging about this phase is to be able to communicate with G8. We’ve used Edmodo, email etc. But sometimes they don’t get to us on time.
The most rewarding thing in this phase would have to be the outcome of this entire project. We worked really hard for this project.
My one target for this phase is to be able to fulfill my responsibility as Quality Checker.

I can’t believe we are nearly finished with the project. It seemed like it was just yesterday when we started. I’m really thankful to everybody. For their hard work, determination and all the effort that was put into this project.

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