Thursday, 7 February 2013

RECOUNT WRITING - The Octopus's Garden Phase 2

For English Class, we are working on this big project called the Octopus's Garden. Our aim is to re-design a classroom to make it look like a 21st century classroom.
The Grade 8s and Grade 7s are involved in this project. Of course Mrs Holly and some teachers are involved as well.
We started during late 2012. We work on the project during english lessons, break time, lunch, tutor time and some of the free time we have.
We do the work in Mrs Holly's classroom. We also use Edmodo, Google Mail/Drive and blogs to communicate to each other.

For Phase 2 of the Octopus's Garden, we did a lot of stuff. :) My job was the Grade 7 Google Jockey. A google jockey is someone who takes notes and leaves messages for the Grade 8s to see for every english lesson. We started off with creating a That's where we gather all of the best ideas we've researched. We've also learned about persuasive language. Then, we started on our video presentation.

I enjoyed being able to work with the Grade 8s even more. I also enjoy just being able to work with different people on the Octopus's Garden.
During this phase, I learned how to manage my time properly and about persuasive language.
I felt happy being able to work with my class and Grade 8 on a big project.
The one thing  that I would've done differently was on how we planned our video presentation. I felt that my group's presentation was rushed.

Here's a little video/slideshow of us during phase 2 :)

(Our deadline is very close. I'm so nervous. I hope everything goes well. Everybody's working hard! I'll be sad when the project finishes. I hope we get to work on something like this in the future)


  1. Very well written Trisha! I like how you included a video and how you explained the google jockey job and . Keep up the good work! :)

  2. You explained everything well. Good job :)

  3. Brilliant Work! You have explained everything well, as well as organize your work. Awesome Trisha! :D

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  5. I really like your introduction and how you explained what the Octopus's Garden is. :)

  6. I agree with the comments above; you have done a good job to organise your ideas logically with time sequence words and some detailed explanation of the project and jobs. You need to make sure you do this for every point, e.g. you say you learned a lot about persuasive language; some examples would be useful.

    Make sure your language stays formal and appropriate for English work, even though this is a blog, it is a learning blog (e.g. 'stuff').

    Make sure you use lots of connectives to add variety to your sentences.