Thursday, 15 November 2012

What I learned from the Octopus's Garden

In english class, we are doing this topic called Octopus's Garden. We are separated into teams along with Grade 8. I really love this topic! I've learned so much! My fellow classmate, Sarah and I are in one team. Mrs. Holly said that we will get one team rubric. She will take ideas from each group and turn them into one. So far, team work is great! There has been no arguments whatsoever. I hope to get along with the Grade 8 as well. When I was in Grade 6, we had a camping trip with the Grade 7. Now they're in Grade 8. During those times, we got along great! I hope for the same thing to happen.
Using Edmodo has been really fun! It's like Facebook, but for school use. It's great.
Deciding on team names were really fun for me. I love ACRONYMS!! So, most of my team name suggestions are acronyms.... Hehehe!
I hope that this topic would go great!

~Sign off~

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  1. I am so glad you are enjoying this project. You have worked really hard even though I am asking SO much of you!

    You work well as part of a team and really help other people get things done. Keep up the great work Trisha!