Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Quad Blogging- Nicholas's Blog (PS3 vs Xbox)

We were doing Quad Blogging in class. I decided to pick the Lugarno Learners blog. They're the one in Australia. I clicked on one of student's blog. I happen to stumble onto Nicholas's blog. Nicholas is from Australia. He is in Class 6B. Check out his blog ----> Nicholas's Blog

I saw his post about the PS3 vs Xbox. That really caught my eye since, I'm a gamer myself. I love playing video games. Especially games on the PS3. I commented on the post saying that I liked the PS3 better. Since I've had the PlayStation system since I was kid.

I was looking through the comments and so far, everyone has said that they liked the PS3 better. I agree with them. But I know that someone, someday, will comment saying that they liked the xbox better. Everyone has their own opinion about something or everything. I learnt that I shouldn't criticize people just because they like different things.


  1. Great detail and thought about the post and why you liked it.

    Your writing is clear and well organised. Well done.